Woven, Faux Linen Peel & Stick Wallpaper

At Huggleberry Hill, our non-toxic peel-and-stick textile wallpaper is crafted to be versatile, fitting perfectly in any room, from bathrooms to laundry rooms and beyond.

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What Makes Faux Linen Textured Wallpaper A Great Choice For Your Home?

Our Faux Linen Wallpaper Is Easy to Clean

Unlike natural linen, which can be delicate and high-maintenance, Huggleberry Hill’s faux linen wallpapers offer a practical and user-friendly alternative. Our textile peel-and-stick wallpapers are crafted using non-toxic recycled PET (polyester) to emulate the luxurious look and feel of real linen, but being much simpler to install, clean and maintain.

Natural fiber wallpapers can be susceptible to wrinkles, stains, and fading, whereas faux linen wallpapers are durable and resilient, easily withstanding the rigors of daily life. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, making them perfect for busy households or spaces that need to stay looking fresh. So, you can enjoy the elegant aesthetics of linen without the worry of constant upkeep, creating a stress-free, stylish environment in your home.

Our Woven Textured Wallpaper Looks Luxurious

Linen-like woven peel-and-stick wallpaper exudes a timeless elegance that sets it apart from plain flat untextured wallpaper. While untextured wallpaper may serve as a clean, basic backdrop, it often lacks the depth and character that linen-inspired textures can provide. 

The subtle, delicate weave pattern of linen-like wallpaper adds depth and sophistication to any room, instantly elevating its visual appeal, creating a sense of luxury and high-end aesthetics that's hard to match. It also offers a durable and protective finish to walls with easy cleaning, which ensures that walls stay looking fresh.

Linen-like woven wallpaper offers a sumptuous finish that can make even the most ordinary spaces feel exceptionally refined. Whether you're looking to create a cozy, rustic atmosphere or a modern, chic look, linen-textured wallpaper adds a touch of class that transforms your walls into works of art - with similar qualities to paint on canvas. With its ability to play with light and shadow, it's an ideal choice for creating a captivating backdrop in your home.

Our Peel & Stick Faux Linen Wallpaper Masks Imperfections

Textured peel-and-stick wallpaper is like a magic wand for less-than-perfect walls! Its unique texture can effectively mask tiny bumps, irregularities, and imperfections that might plague your surfaces, ensuring a stunning end result. When you apply textured wallpaper, those minor flaws seem to disappear, leaving you with a flawless, beautiful wall that looks professionally finished.

This feature makes it an excellent choice for older homes or spaces where walls may have seen better days. Instead of investing in time-consuming and costly wall prep required for painted walls, textured wallpaper offers a convenient and long-term cost-effective solution. It not only adds a touch of style but also creates a smooth and impeccable backdrop for your decor. So, whether you're dealing with minor blemishes or simply looking to elevate your space, textured peel-and-stick wallpaper is the secret to achieving a polished and picturesque finish with ease.

Woven Textured Wallpaper FAQs

What is Woven Wallpaper?

Woven and non-woven wallpapers differ in material composition.

Woven wallpaper is wallpaper woven from non-toxic natural or synthetic fibers such as polyester. It creates a fabric-like texture, offering versatility and eco-friendliness.

In contrast, non-woven wallpaper, made from synthetic fibers bonded with adhesives, has no texture, offers higher moisture-resistance, and it is less suitable as a non-toxic, sustainable solution.

What are the advantages of woven wallpaper?

Woven wallpaper boasts numerous benefits:

  • It's non-toxic and eco-friendly, crafted from natural or recyclable synthetic fibers.
  • It enhances aesthetics with its matte, linen-like texture.
  • It simplifies redecoration: with easy application and one-piece removal.
  • Its wipeable surface ensures effortless maintenance, combining style, sustainability, and practicality seamlessly.
Can you paint over woven wallpaper?

Woven wallpaper's porous nature means that it’s often unsuitable to be painted. However, with its easy peel-and-stick application, it's easy to remove woven wallpaper and transition back to wall paint. This convenient feature ensures adaptable decor, allowing for changes suited to your needs.