Two Sisters, One Passion

Welcome to Huggleberry Hill, where family and design don't just coexist; they flourish. Created by sisters Hannah and Nadia, we're not your typical interior brand. We blend work-life wisdom into our design philosophy, believing a home should be as joyful and serene as it is functional.

Here, practicality meets aesthetics in an exciting blend that challenges the norm. Every design element tells a story, offering a canvas for your home that is as unique as you are. It's not just about looking good; it's about living better.

So step into Huggleberry Hill, where your home isn't just a space; it’s a story, an experience, a sanctuary. Discover the extraordinary in the every day and find your perfect balance of function and beauty. Welcome home!

Our Purpose

With vibrant, eye-catching designs to suit all tastes, our carefully crafted pieces breathe life and warmth into every home.

Joy Begins at Home

Discover the magic touch of Huggleberry Hill, where each room transforms into your ultimate sanctuary. Whether you're curled up with a book, indulging in a meal, or scrolling on your phone, our designs make every moment a sweeter escape. Elevate the ordinary with Huggleberry Hill.

What's the Huggleberry Hype?

Absolutely Stunning!

I'm totally in love with the beautiful wallpaper I put up in my home office. It fills me with joy everytime I walk into the room.

One of a Kind

I'm so glad we found your company and this gorgeous wallpaper. The quality really is amazing and it's so easy to install. It has transformed our guest bathroom into a heavenly retreat.

Hanging Above The Rest: Unroll the Best

EasyOn, EasyGone: Wall Mastery

Upgrade your walls effortlessly with our luxe, easy-apply, easy-remove fabric-like textured wallpaper. Pure premium playfulness.

Built To Last, Made To Adapt

Unveil your designer side with our premium, all-space-friendly peel-and-stick wallpaper. Even kitchens and bathrooms can get a playful makeover!

Distinctive Designs With Timeless Touches

Meet our founders, experts in blending top-quality craftsmanship with stylish flair, where innovation and playfulness redefine your space.

Kind To The Planet, Safe For The Home

Easy to love, even easier to apply. Huggleberry Hill wallpapers bring sustainable style and family-friendly flair to your walls. Values meet vibrancy for a home that truly shines!

Discover the Latest Patterns

Explore our new patterns of vibrant, peel-and-stick textile wallpapers designed for every taste. Shop for designs your family will love for years to come.

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