Washable & Water Resistant Peel & Stick Wallpaper

At Huggleberry Hill, our peel-and-stick textile wallpaper is crafted to be versatile, fitting perfectly in any room, from bathrooms to laundry rooms and beyond.

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What Makes Our Peel & Stick Wallpaper Great for Family Homes?

Our Peel & Stick Wallpaper is Moisture-Resistant

What truly captivates our customers is the luxurious quality of our peel-and-stick textile wallpaper, and it's all the more remarkable because it's created from recycled materials! Our wallpaper is made of 100% PET which is a recyclable plastic commonly used for food and beverages.

Our wallpaper offers more than just a convenient installation; it's also moisture resistant. This means it can withstand the occasional splash, humidity, and even the dampness of a bathroom or kitchen without losing its charm. So, you can enjoy the beauty of wallpaper without worrying about moisture-related issues, making it a fantastic choice for areas where traditional wallpaper might struggle.

Our Peel & Stick Wallpaper is Washable

Huggleberry Hill’s peel-and-stick wallpaper is a beloved choice for family homes, and one of its standout features is how effortless it is to clean. This quality makes it a savior in households with children and pets. When curious toddlers leave their fingerprints behind, or food splashes make an appearance in the kitchen, cleaning is a breeze. Even our furry friends' playful paw prints can be quickly wiped away.

Simply tackle unwanted marks with a warm, damp cloth and wipe gently until your walls are clean. Just avoid using detergents and scrubbing too hard as not to damage the beautiful print. The convenience of easy cleaning not only saves time and stress but also allows you to maintain a fresh and beautiful look in your living space.

Our Peel & Stick Wallpaper is Suitable for Bathrooms & Kitchens

Huggleberry Hill’s peel-and-stick wallpaper is a fantastic choice for rooms in the home that tend to be more humid or susceptible to getting dirty. Its resilience to humidity makes it ideal for bathrooms where steam and moisture are frequent visitors, as well as kitchens where the potential for food splatters is ever-present. In family homes, this is a game-changer. No more concerns about bathtub splashes or worrying about food splatters staining your walls.

Additionally, with its adhesive resistance, you can be confident that the wallpaper will stay in place even in high-traffic areas, ensuring a long-lasting and beautiful appearance throughout your home. Our wallpaper is designed to withstand these challenges without compromising its beauty or structure, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of stylish wall decor in your home, worry-free, and focus on what truly matters - making memories with your loved ones.

Washable Wallpaper FAQs

Does peel-and-stick wallpaper hold up in humidity?

Whether peel & stick wallpaper can hold up in humidity depends on the individual brand and the design of the product. Humidity can be a concern for peel-and-stick wallpaper, causing it to peel or lose adhesion.

Huggleberry HIll’s wallpaper is designed to combat this issue, ensuring that it maintains a strong grip even in high-humidity environments that are well-ventilated, allowing it to stay beautifully in place.

Can mold grow behind peel-and-stick wallpaper?

Mold can grow behind peel & stick wallpaper if the prep work was rushed. Maintain a mold-free environment behind your water-resistant peel-and-stick wallpaper by firstly using a mold resistant wall primer before installation and ensuring that the surface is clean.

Once your wallpaper is installed, keep humidity-prone rooms well-ventilated and wipe away spills and splashes immediately.

See our Peel & Stick Wallpaper Installation and Care Guide for more information.

How do you know if wallpaper is washable?

f the wallpaper is washable, it's packaging should feature washability symbols with options like "Spongeable"(single wavy line), "Washable" (two wavy lines), "Extra Washable" (three wavy lines), and "Scrubbable" (a wavy line with a brush head).

We take pride in offering "Extra Washable" wallpaper, which makes it perfect for use in moisture-prone areas. And for keeping your walls looking fabulous, a simple wipe with water and a cloth is all it takes.