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Our OKEO-TEX 100 Certified Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper vs. Vinyl Wallpaper: A Comparison

Eco-Chic Walls With Huggleberry Hill

We believe that prioritizing quality over price is paramount, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. While cheaper options might seem appealing at first, they can often come with hidden costs in terms of potential health risks and environmental impact. Investing in products like ours that are certified non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and made from high-quality materials is a responsible choice that ensures the safety and comfort of your living space. Our OKEO-TEX 100 certified wallpaper, makes it the ultimate safe choice for your home.

The Exclusive Benefits of Huggleberry Hill's OKEO-TEX 100 Certified Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Unlike the majority of other peel-and-stick textile wallpapers available, which often use toxic vinyl materials, Huggleberry Hill's self-adhesive peel-and-stick wallpapers stand out for many reasons. Here’s why:

As opposed to our OKEO-TEX 100 certified wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, while popular for its affordability, can indeed pose toxicity concerns. Many vinyl wallpapers contain harmful chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be released into the air over time, affecting indoor air quality and potentially harming human health. These toxic emissions can have adverse effects, especially in enclosed spaces.

Vinyl-based products, due to their disposal needs and environmental impact, also carry a significant environmental load.The disposal of these products includes advanced incineration or landfilling, and both options can lead to the release of toxic pollutants into the environment, exacerbating the environmental impact.

Opting for sustainable, non-toxic, and environmentally


friendly alternatives like Huggleberry Hill's OKEO-TEX 100 certified wallpaper can greatly mitigate these negative consequences and contribute to a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable future for our planet.

At Huggleberry Hill, we take pride in crafting our peel-and-stick textile wallpapers from sustainable, non-toxic recycled materials. This conscious choice not only benefits the environment but also prioritizes the well-being of individuals. By opting for our wallpapers, you're making a positive impact by embracing a more eco-friendly and human-friendly option for your space.

We're excited to share that our peel-and-stick textile wallpaper is crafted using post-consumer PET, ingeniously repurposing plastic bottle caps. This eco-conscious choice not only minimizes waste but also ensures that our wallpaper is entirely and easily recyclable. Even the paper backing and packaging are part of this sustainable approach. By choosing our wallpaper, you're not only enhancing your space's aesthetic but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Our OKEO-TEX 100 Certified Wallpaper: Sustainable, Stylish, and Safe

You can also rest easy knowing that our wallpapers hold the highest standard of non-toxic certification, meaning that it is safe for use in the most sensitive of environments. Verified by prestigious international organizations such as OKEO-TEX, SCS, Indoor Advantage Gold, and OH&S, our wallpapers meet stringent industry benchmarks for safety and quality.

This means you don't have to choose between aesthetics, quality, or safety. Our wallpaper seamlessly combines all these elements, ensuring a space that's not only beautiful but also durable, high-quality, and safe for your loved ones.