The Inspiration Behind Huggleberry Hill's Tussie-Mussie Collection

The Inspiration Behind Huggleberry Hill's Tussie-Mussie Collection

Huggleberry Hill was founded by two sisters with a strong connection to their English heritage, the deepest love for family and a passion for interior design. Their aim - to create a brand that upholds these values in each and every product. 

The inspiration for our Tussie-Mussie collection is deep-rooted in a fascinating ancient communication method that gained popularity in Victorian England. In short, it was known as floriography, where flowers were gifted, often between lovers, in order to convey secret messages and symbolize subtle sentiments.

Floriography was an art in itself, showcasing the power and beauty of nature. It provided a unique and profound way for individuals to connect with others and communicate their deepest emotions. The practice was not just about the aesthetic appeal of flowers; it was a complex and intricate language. Each flower was carefully considered to convey the intended message, making it an elegant and refined practice.

With the history of floriography in mind, we aspired to incorporate the same concept and ideals into the hand-painted designs of our Tussie-Mussie Collection. This innovative approach involved creatively integrating floral motifs to create, not only designs with beauty and charm, but designs with an ability to encode deep, personal messages into one’s home.

Each of our Tussie-Mussie designs were thoughtfully created to ensure that they would lend themselves to familial notions of love, protection, togetherness, hope and happiness. For example, our Dearest Daisy premium peel-and-stick wallpaper expresses cheerfulness and joy, making it perfect for a shared space such as a kitchen.

Our Tussie-Mussie Collection can add whimsical and joyful elements to your home design while maintaining a refined, luxurious feel. Whether used sparingly or boldly, our designs can transform any space into an inviting oasis that exudes life, beauty and an ode to the thoughtful meanings behind each hand-painted flower.