Guided by the legacy of our founders' English heritage, our products weave a narrative that embraces the serene beauty of nature. Within each meticulously crafted design lies a story that whispers messages of positivity and well-being, inviting you to infuse your home with tales of tranquility and joy.


Huggleberry Hill’s hand-painted designs are thoughtfully translated into one-of-a-kind timeless patterns.


Printed on a rich, linen-like fabric wallpaper, the artistic quality of our original artwork has been carefully preserved to imitate paint on canvas.


Our products are focussed around family life and the home. We believe in the importance of creating a safe and personal environment for the whole family to enjoy without compromising on style.

Our wallpapers are sustainably produced from 100% post-consumer recycled PET, and are OKEO-TEX certified.

They’re the conscientious, kid-safe, family-friendly homeowner’s choice, one you can feel good about using to turn any room in your house into one that reflects your everyday values.


A home should embrace us with joy and peace whilst serving to protect the most precious thing inside - our family.

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